Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A trip to the zoo

I applaud teachers and schools that teach kids about kindness to animals. There are so much to be learned about animals and that one of the best places to learn about them is the zoo.

The last time I went to the zoo was six months ago when I brought my 6 year old son. I can see how amazed my son was looking at the monkeys hanging and playing from branch to branch. He loved the giraffe and their long necks. In fact my son enjoying feeing leaves to them that he fed and watched them eat for 30 minutes. The roar of the lions shocked my son a bit but later he learned it was a normal sound that those cats make.

My point here is that the zoo could be a good learning place for people to get a close encounter with the animals. But it is also a good place to teach people how not get animals from their natural habitats and place them in enclosures.

I know there is a price to pay for learning but there should be a balance. Zoo management should make sure that the environments of these wild animals are correctly simulated in their enclosures.

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