Thursday, October 9, 2008

My brother loves exotic pets

Last Christmas, my 13 year old younger brother got an exotic gift from his hippie godfather. It was a nice exotic animal: green iguana.

My brother was ecstatic about it because the green iguana will be an addition to his menagerie of exotic pets that include an albino snake, a mexican scorpion, an african frog and many more.

For some reason, my brother loves reptiles. Although his collection includes birds and some mammals, there are more reptiles compared to other kinds of animals.

I have always advised my brother to be a responsible animal keeper. I told him that he should study and research as much as he can about the pets he is caring for. The animals needs should be met and proper housing and exercise should be given.

As for the green iguana, my brother told me that he has done an intensive research. He learned the green iguana is a special reptile and therefore needs special reptile food. He told me an iguana diet should be composed of dark leafy vegetables and other greens containing rich calcium like mustard green and dandelion greens.

I feel so happy that my brother will really grow up to be a responsible man. Keeping pets can really be a great hobby that develops discipline and responsibility.

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