Monday, September 1, 2008


Zero emission hydrogen fuel cell technology took a giant step forward
when nine different types of hydrogen cars finished a 13 days road
trip across United States last weekend.

California Fuel Cell Partnership Executive Director Catherine Dunwoody
told Daily Planet Media there was a lot of curiosity about the
hydrogen vehicles with people lining up to cheer the cars and their

The first-ever cross cross-country trip for hydrogen powered vehicles
highlighted the need for more hydrogen fueling stations as there are
just 60 hydrostation in US and - and only two open to the public.

Along the cross-country circuit there were stretches where the
hydrogen vehicles had to be carried on the back of trucks due to a
lack of fuel stops from Rolla to Missouri and from Albuquerque to New
Mexico. But for the record the event ran from Portland, Maine, to the
Los Angeles Coliseum.

One of purposes of the Hydrogen Road Tour '08 was to demonstrate the
need to build more fuelling stations if the new technology is to develop.

The tour stopped in 31 cities in 18 states with the California Fuel
Cell Partnership as the major supporter.

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